Monday, April 15, 2013

The Prince is home

Logan (15) our oldest is less than pleased to be living in beautiful Williston North Dakota.  Ray and I thought we would be nice parents and let him go home for Prom, a trip that ended up being a whole 2 weeks long!  In true teenager fashion, he didn't call his Dad once (who was the benefactor of this whole trip) and did communicate with me many times via text and phone and most of those interactions were re: Money or Prom plans...  Teenagers... He is 15 going on 50.  Let me tell you a little background on Prince Logan, He is one of a kind, he was special from the very beginning.  He was born 24 hours to the minute after my Dad passed away.  We believe after my 22 hours of hard labor I thought he would NEVER make his entrance into the world.  I said out loud, "Dad, will you get off that park bench in the clouds and let him meet ME!"  15 minutes later the Doctor came in and said it was time.. and there he was 45 minutes later!  I will never forget that moment and was grateful I didn't have to have that emergency C-section they were all talking about! 

To this day I see signs of my Dad in him often, he listens to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett... all of the greats.  He has a very old soul and on occasion will use an expression or even act just like my Dad.  HE has ambition and drive and has even expressed that he intends to go to Law School, I personally think he would be a great politician!  (Dad was involved in City Gov't for years)

Now, he is just upset about being here, I am thinking the trip to the beautiful Coachella Valley was a HUGE mistake, now it is fresh in his mind what he is missing and has a lovely attitude to go with it!  What to do?  I guess at this point...keep him busy, be there for him, and hopefully be able to talk through it.  Because right now I am watching him drift slowly away and I am hanging on to a small rope trying to reel him in! 

I think one day he will realize it really wasn't that bad and when he get accepted to that college and it wasn't his first choice he will already know how it feels to have to move to somewhere not so perfect to get closer to his dreams.  We are in the land of opportunities and as parents we can only hope he recognizes it and appreciates that we aren't doing this to punish him but because we love him! 

So here is to Prince Logan...may you always remember chase you dreams even if they take you to the frozen tundra!  You never know you just might like it!  or even one day Love it!