Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I took a mental sabbatical the last few days and was trying to come to terms with my homesickness.  It really isn't that bad but you don’t realize how much you miss something until its gone.  I almost think this is the feeling one would get when you get separated or divorced.  A sudden change in your reality...AND total grass is greener syndrome!  I am going to begin with…There is really no where more beautiful than Southern California…2 hours to the beach and a sun that dips into the smouldering ocean that sometimes turns red than orange then back to that shimmery blue just before it takes its final bow.  2 hours to The Mountains where the sunrise is a golden blanket on a brand new day and then the shadows dance upon the rocks and trees like dancing clouds, the shapes turn from a bird, a plane to a witch  on a broom!  2 hours to the desert where you reach the gentle giants that are the wind turbines as they dance upon the trade winds announcing their presence as they are whipped upon a tourist face as they lounge by a glistening pool.  Many would LOVE to call that home.  But because the economy was really not flourishing in that mecca of beauty, we have found ourselves in a different kind of place!   
I find people in California are generally happier.  They greet each other in the parking lot, may exchange a gentle smile when they see a child that reminds them of a grandchild or someone they are away from .  I am seeing a different side of mankind.  My own personal opinion is that many people are not as happy here… Maybe even a little more abrasive...  Everyone is bundled up and trying to get in the door before their ears get too cold or they are trying to be careful not to fall on the ice (that is me)  Everyone is hurrying to get from one place to another and the daily niceties are not as apparent here.  It is definitely difficult for me because I tend to try to engage the person at the market in front of me or wave at the neighbor (I have kind of started that on our little dirt road… it seems they are coming around, They are recognizing Me and “Sheila” the Rover along the road and are starting to wave back)  and some look at me like I have 2 heads. 
I remember how much I hated the “snowbirds” growing up.  Now I know why they would all converge on the Coachella Valley and drive like crazy people.  What I have found out is that it is the California drivers, drive like idiots.  Here everyone has to let their car roll to a stop or you will slide right into the person in front of you, because there is either Ice or Snow on the road, every single morning for 6 months .  Of course you are going to roll to a stop at a light or stop sign in the desert, because you have been driving cautiously your whole life, not defensively...and yes people do drive 25 to 30 miles an hour everywhere here.  Its so weird, and takes a little getting used to, many of you that have driven with me to LA or Orange County know my instinctual driving habits and this is going to be difficult to break!  
I did notice last night, a different kind of beauty!  As the sun was setting (after 9 pm ) I noticed that golden grain that is just coming up and a flare just over a hill, like a sunflower colored birthday cake, with a candle daring me to try to blow it out.  Then the sunset from my porch is always different... Red, Orange and Purple dancing across the horizon long enough for you to be able to enjoy the whole experience.  no mountain getting in the way of its final glow then dipping behind the new fields that are slowing awakening after the last of the winter snow.  After dark is when the magic begins.  As the darkness folds around us we start seeing all the flares light up the fields..It is really and incredible sight.  If you haven't ever seen a flare map of North Dakota treat your senses to a delight! 
It was last night that I realized I haven't left the most beautiful place in the world, I gained another bookmark in my own mental scenic trip that I can take any time... and know I have been added to this community for a reason, I am still figuring out what it is but it is going to be interesting to see what happens next!