Monday, April 15, 2013

Get this White Stuff out of MY Yard!

Oh Dear,  It is happening again, snow...snow and more snow!  I guess I jinxed the whole area when I said I would rather have the snow than the mud.  But I guess I should have made myself clear to the Snow Gods...Not 12" of snow!  Everyone around here goes a little wacky when they hear "a storm is a comin'"  If you don't get to any one of the 3 stores that carry groceries you will be SOL... I learned this the hard way and last storm... I think I got 2 things from my list of many. I spent most of last storm hoping we didn't lose power or water (which is more often than not in this area)

Saturday morning, Ray and I got up early and went to, yes my hangout, Walmart...and stocked up on any and all items needed in the Upstairs Fridge, Pantry, Deep Freezer and Basement Fridge we even had some overflow that we had to take up residence in the Laundry Room!

When we first arrived in Williston and before I started working, I went to Wally World on a daily basis.  Now let me explain, we were sort of starting over and I had to buy many things to start from scratch to stock the pantry with spices, and other essentials for cooking, baking as well as Cleaning supplies, Bathroom needs etc... this is not cheap!  So they guys at Rays plant would have a standing competition, Guess how much Deanna is going to spend today... They would all guess and I still don't know what they would win (I am not really sure I want to know) but it was more about embarrassing me and giving Ray a hard time.  I am so glad that they find me so amusing!  They would call and ask several times throughout the day if I had made my "final" trip to the market because sometimes I would have to go back 2 or 3 times!  As you can tell there isn't much to do here in Chilly Willy! 

The other thing that is a definite change is the lack of restaurants... It was nice to know we had a choice, to cook or not to cook... Here not so much!  We cook everynight, there isn't really a choice unless we chose to wait 45 minutes or more for "fast food" or even more at an eatery in the area.  The nicest place to "Dine" is Applebee's and that isn't on my list of favorites.  Unfortunately, cooking isn't my favorite activity.  So the fine dining experience is missed!

I do think the neighbors think we are all crazy...the snow is coming down, the snow flakes are huge and our kids are begging to go outside and play!  It is hysterical, they get all dressed in the many layers needed to survive here and they go outside to play...for HOURS!  No one else's kids are out in this weather but ours are!  I guess if they were in sunny California and it was over 100* they would have as little clothes allowed and be outside playing...  I have to admit they have been pretty good little troopers!

We are a family of extremes so it was perfect that we move from a place that has 125* weather for the Summer months, to a place that has -55* in the Winter (and, well, Spring so far)!  No one would expect us to EVER move to "Normaltown, USA"  The Seniors know how to keep things completely abnormal.

If I could only figure out how to find a genie in a bottle to get this white stuff out of my yard... because we all know that " shoveling snow is a chore not playing" according to Hurricane Sydney!