Thursday, July 3, 2014

Emotional Basketcase!

About a week ago I was a mess, I realized that everyone is growing up and there are so many milestones that they are difficult to list, but here goes; Logan is going to be a Jr in High School, Dillon Graduated from Middle School Mirada is in her last year of Middle School and Sydney is in her last year of Elementary!  Logan got his Driver License June 20th and that's questionable if I am going to allow him on these Semi Infested, Lifted Pick-up traffic lined roads!  We spent over $400 for Drivers Ed and I am not sure I am ready for him to be ready, But am I finished with driving to and from work!  SO I guess sanity prevails! Gotta let go sometime!
 Spring is here and we all got spring fever the moment we saw green leaves!  I am in Love with North Dakota especially in the Spring!  It seems everything comes to life at the same time and so quickly!  I never experienced this in Cali because it was always spring there, but what we didn't have is the lilacs...This is how you know Spring is officially here.  They are everywhere, and explosion of these delicate purple flowers makes me smile.  They also make me pull over to the edge of the road and snip them every chance I get. 
A couple of weeks ago a tornado touched down in Watford City about 46.5 miles away.  I have joked with the kids so many times that they will probably never believe about a real tornado... The lightening and thunder starts and I start claiming a tornado is coming and they just completely ignore me.  I mainly stared doing this hoping they would disappear into the basement for some desperate needed solace!  The storm was crazy and I now know what raining buckets are.  Your windshield wipers wipe and then its like a bucket of water is thrown immediately! The good thing about our extreme storms here is that the after math is the beautiful sunrise the following day...
This post has been long over due and there is so much going on I will have to keep the masses updates As much as possible.  We are just loving the beautiful weather between the rain storms I just cant seem to find the time to sit still!  So as always... until next time and next time is always with less sanity and more non-sense!