Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Willyland

So here it is.. Winter!  When we arrived in February it was -45* and snowing.  I swear it didn't bother me in the least! It helped that I couldn't wait to get through the 1600 miles of rainy and snowy roads during a terrible storm the entire way!!! Not to mention all of us wanting to get out of the car that had 4 kids and 2 cats in it.  Snow Drifts everywhere and it was cold, cold cold. 

Now on the first day of snow, I turn into a basket case.  A little snow accumulates on the ground and I can't function!  I drove home from work, white knuckles, radio off, heater on high and defroster going!  OMG I was a mess. I cancelled plans to have dinner with a friend because I was afraid of the conditions...Hello, I have 3 or 4 more months of this... I cant just shut down and go from work to home and vice versa! Right?!

So now I am forcing myself to embrace it, easier said than done... my hair is full of static, my skin is dry and flaky and I have NO idea how to dress.  Some mornings are below zero and some would say cold is cold, is it really any different if it is below zero?  OH YES this girl will tell you the difference.  Your car does not want to start, and if it does it takes forever to warm up.  I started my car (and poor Daisy whined for 10 minutes, much like the kids when they don't want to get up for school) 20 minutes before I was to leave for work.  Threw my jacket, in the back seat with the mittens, hat and scarf in the pocket and started on my way.  Thinking the heater is going to kick in any minute!  UUUH NO! I traveled for an additional 20 minutes and it was like driving with the AC on.  I was a human Popsicle when I got to work.  Friggin Freezing! But on a day it was 3*, I started the car 10 minutes before I left and by the time I was ready to leave the heater had already kicked in when I headed out.  There is a big difference in the above and below zero temps!  You don't want to head out without emergency supplies because you never know that you might break down or have an accident.  You could easily be in a life or death situation if you get stuck in the snow! 

The wind here is brutal! There are days that the wind chill adds an additional -20 degrees! So the temp might be -8 but the wind chill brings it to a "feels like" -28 temperature.  You find many people speak very differently, than in other areas, about the weather in a conversation.  You hear alot about  'feels like' temps and the 'wind chill'.  But honestly... it is just effing cold! 

So here I am embracing it, well actually bracing for it, today it is going to be 32*, I caught myself saying to someone that it was a beautiful day!  I guess it is all relative! With this warm weather maybe all this white stuff will melt...I crack myself up!