Saturday, November 16, 2013

When in Williston do as the Willys do!

It is getting chilly here and I have no idea how to adjust!  In Rancho Mirage CA, it was 85* at 9am the other day.  Williston, 9* at 7:30am, pitch dark and still...we see our breath in the air and have to start the car at least 15 minutes before you head to town. Do that or stand outside in the freezing cold and scrape all your windows! 

Logan my oldest HATES the cold, he now knows if I don't get that car started he is out there doing the scraper.  Thank goodness we have the auto start on the car...Being from California I had NO idea what good this function was!  ...I have started saying "Defrost Activate" and press the button on the car remote and Daisy (the Durango) is toasty warm when we get inside!  Love this feature! Sheila the Rover doesn't have this and having to traipse through the snow and start the car was not my favorite thing to do that's for sure!!!!

It still hasn't snowed yet so it is a little strange to me that it is 'tongue stick to the flagpole' cold but you look out the window and it looks like it should be 60*...Now there are days it warms up to a beautiful 55* blue skies and sunny, there are others that it is Cyclone windy and you need gloves, Parka, hat and face cover just to get to your vehicle, the locals are all bundled up but this Cali Girl still isn't quite embracing the Chilly Willy state of mind! 

They dry air is turning us all into flaky people...I don't mean the type of people who don't show up for appointments... But our skin is such a mess.  The only thing in the world that helps is Grateful Garden Pure Shea Butter.  But man oh man, I have no idea how the farmers or oil workers can stand the chapped cracked skin.  You gotta slather your body with moisturizer to get through the day.

I am embracing the cold this year.  I am a little worried about the driving aspect of it but what the hell, When in Williston do as the Willys do.  Drive slow and let the car stop on its own.  If you end up in the ditch, just drive out the other side (and have a tow strap, just in case) Don't go out, unless you have to, or you are out of wine. Hope for a "beautiful day" one that is above zero.

Most of all, don't let it get to you, enjoy the adventure, you never know what might happen next!