Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Job Search in NoDak Challenges and Suggestions *Have a Plan*

I didnt realize what a responsibility a Blog was!  I have been trying to juggle Work, Life, Family, Politics and a host of other things that get in the way of me expressing myself.  I will do better and try to keep you all better informed and updated!  I love hearing comments so feel free to comment all you want.  I am going to get that other youTube video up one of these days too!  I have some strong feelings when it comes to just dropping everything and moving to NoDak without a Masterplan! 

Yes it is exciting being a part of the BOOM!  We are very lucky to be getting in on the ground floor of all of the novelty.  With growth there is challenges, be prepared for taxed services.  Some don't think about the big picture and take what money they have and jump in thier cars or on the train and head on out to the mecca of jobs... Some dont have the luxury of planning ahead and getting everything lined out, This might be the last ditch effort to try to get out of the unemploymetn cycle... It is not easy and it takes a little research and planning.  Try to do as much as you can BEFORE you head to Chilly Willy!

Some of the most helpful hints are:  Do your best to find housing.  Some companies will not even look at your app or resume if you dont have housing   Make sure you can pass a background check.  For insurance purposes some companies will NOT hire you if you have a criminal background. Make sure your driving record is clean.  If you have a DUI your chances are much slimmer of getting employment right away.  Many Companies ask that you drive their company vehicles, a clean drug test and driving record is a must in these situations. 

There are some good people out there looking for a change and a great job.  Employment isnt immediate.  Many large companies are NOT just looking for that warm body to take that position, lesson learned, they want those who are looking to make this their community, with staying power.  It is expensive to train and hire people, assure them that you are looking to be here for a while. 

 I am including some helpful websites to assist in the job search.  Many of these you have jobs listings that would be great for both men and women.,-Llc-jobs , Bakken Staffing,,  Dont forget to visit the websites for the City and the County.  Both Entities are loking for good people and may not pay as much as the "Oil Patch jobs" but the benefits/ retirement etc are worth the difference in pay. 

Williston welcomes the workforce, but I can see now that I have been here for 7 months how the transient nature of the workforce makes you a little cynical.  It is difficult to make friends (and keep them) because suddenly they are moving due to a job relocation or thier position has ended.  I wish all of you who want to head to Williston luck, it has been a blessing for our family.  The kids are doing well in school and we are enjoying fixing up our home and the seasonal changes.  We also look forward to heading to California to thaw out during the winter.  I encourage questions and love to help anyone who wants to head to Williston for some hard work and a new lease on life!