Thursday, October 31, 2013

Celebrate with me! Its my Birthday!

So it is my Birthday...Yes I know it explains alot!  Born on Halloween, Red Hair, the whole package!  I celebrate the whole entire month of October, yes the whole thing!  I was never really like this until later in life. 

Some times it takes an event to make you realize how blessed you are.  Many of us run around taking everything for granted...when I was 33 I found out I was adopted, it's a long story, but it was a surprise.   In true Redhead fashion I was pissed, very angry.  I think I went through all of the emotions you go through with grief.  It took me a long time to come to terms with the whole thing, but in hindsight it was a good thing and helped me stop and take a second look at things! 

What I did finally come to realize, is that my birthday is a very special day, a day for celebration!!!  I was chosen by my parents to become their child and a part of our family that was already 6 people, and I am sure quite chaotic.  I wasn't planned or thought out, There was never the discussion is the timing right?  ...I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters at the time.  I was the gift on that special day, to them.  I was one of the luckiest people in the world!  If I would have been kept by my biological mother I would not have had the blessed and gifted life I was given.  She was a 16 year old twin, the father went off to Vietnam and never returned and her parents were very hard working people who were struggling to make ends meet for their family of 4.  A baby, much less a grand baby, was not in the big picture for them.  I firmly believe that if I weren't given up for adoption I would have very possibly ended up in the system anyway!

I was never able to tell either of my parents Thank you!  Thank you for always making me feel like I was special. Thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted and more. Thank you for being loving but stern parents. Most of all Thank you for making me believe I could do ANYTHING.  I was taught at a very young age that whatever I wanted to do or be, I could make happen.  It didn't matter what, I could do it, and I am still testing that theory!  (And pushing the envelope at times)

My  Dad was my biggest fan, and I in turn was his.  I remember walking in parades for him yelling "Minney for Mayor" and he was always there for each and every crowning at my beauty pageants. He always made me feel loved.  There was always a warm smile for me and a definite pride I could see in his eyes.  I stood in the passenger seat visiting job sites on Saturdays as a young girl.  I ate on blueprints because there was always a new project to be bid.  He taught me that I could do anything a man could do, and maybe even do it better!  His laugh, infectious and even a little silly but he had a great sense of humor!  My Dad loved to take us out water skiing and that was the ONLY time in my entire life that I was happy to get up at ski glass in Lake Havasu... just he and I.  I am only sorry he didn't get to meet my babies.  24 hours before Logan was born he passed, I think it was so he could grab Logan on his way out and sit down on some park bench in the clouds and tell Logan all of my secrets and the best way to push my buttons.  I swear I see a little more of my Dad in him each year!  My Dad even knew when Ray and I dated in High School that "I should have never let him get away" and when we went on a date 10 years later I never let go!  I am the epitome of Daddy's little girl, in my world Father knows best!

My Mom spent every waking moment doing something for us kids.  She was the driving force behind our family, and a force to be reckoned with.  I know where I got my strength from, she was never ever exhibited and ounce of weakness.  I drew from that everyday and know that I am the woman I am today because of it.  She spent most of her days running me across the "wash" to dance class, or slumber parties or to Catherine's house to hang out and have Paprikash.  My Mom always made sure I had a dinner plate made after dance and would sit with me while I ate because everyone was already done. She was able to meet my babies very briefly...I know they wish they had more time to get to know her.  But they do know that my Mom molded me into the opinionated, resilient, fierce, saucy woman and mom I am today.

I did find out later that my parents spent the early part of their youth as foster parents.  During this journey in their lives they were blessed with meeting my sister Debi, that is when they transitioned from foster parents to adoptive parents.  If you are keeping score my siblings were : Danny biological (deceased 1991) Debi, adopted (63) Donna,biological (60) David (deceased 2010) Me adopted (44) Dana, biological (42) 

I take today and offer it up to the Birthday Gods!  I hope that there is some little soul out there that needs a family and that they are as blessed, loved and delivered to a parents that give them as charmed a life as I have had.