Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quest for Christmas First!

When I get in "the" funk it really is difficult to get out... but sometimes...there is one thing that can draw me out, often its the sights and sounds of NoDak.  They definitely out weigh the last nights sunset, as I watched it transform from a fiery lava sky to fluffy cotton candy clouds I had to smile, and say, its not so bad!  I may not be all the way out of my funk but am on the mend! :) I thought I would give you all a little more info on our Quest for Christmas First!

By now some of you know that the only Multi-Item shopping type place in town is Walmart, .  So you can imagine how busy the place is.  Keep in mind it is the ONLY place for Black Friday shopping, unless you want to head out of town, stay in a hotel (if you can find one) and head out to do your Grey Thursday, Black Friday Deed! 
In the past, have gone with my Sisters and Nieces to do Black Friday and we would have a ball.  It would put us all in the Holiday Spirit and we had the opportunity to shop any type store for any type gift, because we were in the Newport Beach area.  There is every store imaginable, Ikea to Pier One...Target to Walmart...Old Navy to American Eagle...Bed Bath and Beyond to Bath and Body Works as well as the Top of the line Shops like Apple store and Tiffany & Co! 
Now we have Walmart, Albertsons (Groceries) and Cash Wise (Groceries) to chose from when we do our stocking up.  Can you say culture shock?  The one good thing that came from not having family or anyone to entertain, is that we were able to take advantage of the Grey Thursday situation here in Williston because, we sure as hell didn't have anything else to do. So we had our Turkey Dinner and set out to wait in lines for Holiday Gifts...The kids had a great Christmas this year, they got most everything they wanted, and we spent all Day Thanksgiving in insanely long lines to purchase things like XBOX ONE and iPad Minis, then waited in additional lines to pick up these items.  Noon to 10pm... Yay Thanksgiving

and this is what the aisles at Walmart look like often, make sure you bring your Spyderco; Open the box, Get your item out, and Re-Stack the Boxes, SIMPLE!

Then Christmas Eve/Day, it seems it went just as fast as it came.  None of us had the Christmas Spirit.  It had never ever happened that way before!  The kids were just kinda…well Meh…Ray had to work that day and it really did put a damper on things. Everyone got up, opened gifts and Ray was off to work.  We all treated the day like any other.
The mood of the evening changed, thank goodness,  I cooked all day (Prime Rib and all the trimmings) and we had plans for the next door neighbors to come over to join us.  At least that was lovely.  We all had a nice time sharing stories, the kids were setting up new electronics and the new Air Hockey Game was in full swing.  We had a wonderful evening BUT everyone was in bed early because all of the adults had to be at work the next day. Aaargh! 
I also felt like we were out of sight outta mind.  I thought we were a much bigger presence in my family's celebration back home. I really had a rough time with being here and knowing that everyone was having their holiday ritual without me and they didn’t skip a beat!  Total pity party on my part but I got past it (If I am going to be honest with myself it took a lot longer than I want to admit)
I didn't know until I moved here how much I had relied on my retail therapy.  It was really apparent when I was looking for gifts that are unusual or unique and realized...DAMN, I did not prepare for the lack of retail and certainly didn't give myself the extra time to use the awesome tool called the Internet!  Because shipping is a whole other obstacle that we have to deal with!!! There is no such thing as "True Overnight" or Fed Ex Overnight in the town of Williston.  The price of "Almost Overnight" is outrageous! Mail gets delayed by days and shipments can be delayed by even more!  It is something the powers that be are working on BUT it is not immediate and we all just know we have to accept and deal with it.  Its just part of the package! (NO pun intended)
 An inscription on one of the Post Offices in New York says: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" I know our postal worker delivers the mail at 10pm some nights. He is appreciated by our household! (Thank you Postal Guy! You really are part of the heartbeat of NorthWest Willy) He takes this saying very seriously. I see him out there in the 30 MPH winds with Snow pummeling him...I make the mental note: It could be so so so much worse!!! I have my health and the love of my family really what more does one need?