Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring has sprung!

It has been a long winter for many who have lived here for the entire winter.  For us it really hasn't been the WHOLE winter season, but we did get our share of below zero temps!  I had an office mate tell me to enjoy every moment of beautiful weather you get.  Thank goodness she told me that...we had about 5 days of totally perfect weather.  No snow, wind or rain... Just perfect 75 to 85 degrees.  So I decided to seize the moment... Dug in the basement for the box of Summer shorts and Tanks and was so excited to don them and feel the warmth of the sun on my skin... I sat on the porch (Northwest facing) with a glass of wine, turned on Pandora and just sat... Now know that when I get home from work I don't just sit ...EVER... There is 4 little baby bird-like beings who are asking "Whats for Dinner", "Mom, Where is my..."  "Sign this paper for school" "Can you take me to..."  "Can I go to..." Well.. you get the picture. As well as the never ending pile of laundry that needs to be put away and the general running of the house that needs to be done.  But I took her advise and decided to enjoy the beautiful weather while I could.  It was incredible... 6pm and the sun was going to be up until after 10pm!  What a treat,  The kids were outside, riding bikes, the neighborhood had come to life,  Before that day we had never ever seen another soul out and about anywhere near our little house out in the country!  All of a sudden there were kids in the street playing ball etc... We had no idea there were any other kids in the hood much less 10+!  What a delight!  Before I knew what was happening we had 6-8 adults on the porch enjoying adult beverages introducing themselves!  Every one's mood was awesome!  I got a little insight as to why everyone I had met until now had sort of a negative vibe.  Everyone had put away their good moods and good cheer along with their warm weather clothes.  Everyone had gone into winter mood hibernation.  What a Revelation!

Fast forward to the following week... It is raining, There are muddy cars everywhere, lots of flowing water and foul moods!  It all came back once the weather changed!  I am not a sociologist but this is really becoming quite an experiment for me.  When you live in Sunny California your whole life you completely take for granted that everyone is in a somewhat cheery mood all the time.  I found that when it is cold and dreary many people have the "Gloom and doom" attitude least that's what Ray and I call it.  Some people immediately go to the negative or the worst case scenario first... especially at the end of winter... So now I am looking forward to the dog days of Summer... Beautiful Sun shining on the flowing fields of grain!!!  I can't if I could only train my children to do all the chores before I get home from work, then I would be the luckiest person in the world! 

So wherever you are, try to get out of winter mood and cheer up! Summer is almost here and we get 3 months of No snow!  WOO HOO!!!